Audio to text alignment service
Fully customizable alignment services.

Alignment as a service for digital publishing

Now you can easily create a read aloud eBook by merging any text with its narration. Read aloud eBooks are standard epub3-compliant electronic books that highlight the text in the eBook while it is read. These eBooks are a perfect companion to improve your listening and reading skills in any language.

Alignment between text and audio is always performed using our proprietary state-of-the-art speech and text technology solution which results in a very accurate alignment in very short time. Our system is able to process books in most western languages and exactly transfer your input page style and layout to the final electronic book.

We offer a totally automatic and affordable solution to create epub3-compliant eBooks with audio synchronized at page-, paragraph-, sentence-, line- or word-level. The resulting eBooks are fully compatible with the major book stores (including Itunes, Google Play and Kobo). Contact us for a demo.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to create your own read-aloud eBooks but do not want to manually align each word in the text to the audio, you can use our SaaS to automatically obtain the alignment files to include into your project. We can output such alignments in many formats, including .lab, .smil, .xml, etc. Contact us for more information and for a trial account.

Do you have any other special requirements (particular languages, book formats, etc.)? Contact us and we will figure out how we can help you