Bilingual eBooks

It has never been so easy to improve your foreign language skills!

Bilingual eBooks

Sinkronigo's bilingual eBooks combine a text in two languages and the corresponding human narration in the same page. Read the eBook in one language while checking the translation for the sentences you do not know, or listen to the eBook in one language while each sentence and its corresponding translation is highlighted as it is being spoken.

Now you can stop learning a language with just your eyes. Start learning with eyes and ears!

How does it work?

Our bilingual eBooks are visually very similar to the paper-based bilingual books you are used to. See, for example, the first two pages of the Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde, in English and Spanish.

The happy prince, example bilingual eBook

We decided to create our digital bilingual eBooks because paper-based bilingual books are missing two important things:

  • They do not tell you which sentence in one language translates to which sentence in the other.
  • They do not tell you how each word is pronounced.

Our bilingual eBooks are bundled with the following features:

  • Bilingual text is presented side by side in each page, both visible at all times. No need to click or go to another page to see the translation.
  • Text is highlighted sentence-by-sentence during read aloud (when audio is playing). When audio is stopped you can also access sentence correspondences in both languages by clicking or touching a sentence. This with highlight it as well as its corresponding translation.
  • Read aloud audio narration by a human is included in one of the languages. Sinkronigo does not use synthetic speech in its eBooks.

Still in doubt whether this is for you?
Check out the following video where we explain and demo the features described above.

You like to try before you buy?

We agree with you!

You can download one small bilingual eBook for free to try before you decide to purchase any of our longer titles. See below for a link.

Where can I buy a Sinkronigo bilingual eBook

You can buy our bilingual eBooks through the IBooks store. You will need an Apple device and IBooks reader (installed by default in all current models) to enjoy our bilingual eBooks. Our bilingual eBooks are optimized for Ipads (or bigger devices), as two versions of the same text are displayed in the same page at once. This does not mean that our bilingual eBooks do not work on other Apple devices, only that the text will appear quite small.

Which titles and language pairs are currently available?

Below we list the titles currently available, with links to the iBooks store. More language pairs and eBooks will become available soon.

read along eBook cover page

The Raven - El cuervo

by Edgar Allan Poe
narrated in English by Phil Chenevert
Languages: English(with audio) & Spanish

Download it for free

read along eBook cover page

The Happy Prince and other Stories - El principe feliz y otras historias

by Oscar Wilde
narrated in English by Phil Chenevert and Alex Lau
Languages: English(with audio) & Spanish