Frederick and Catherine & The 12 Dancing Princesses

by The Brothers Grimm
narrated by Sam Lipten & Barbara Harvey
Language: English

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Number of pages: 28
Audiobook length: 0:18:53
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Collection: Sinkronigo learner
Age Group: Youth literature
Read aloud type: Word-by-word
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eBook description:

"Frederick and Catherine" (also called "Freddy and Katy Lizzy") is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm in Grimm's Fairy Tales. Freddy and Katy are married. She started to fry a sausage and thought she could get a beer while it cooked. In the cellar, drawing it, she realized the dog was loose and might eat the sausage, but the dog had already done so, and she chased it but could not catch it. Meanwhile the keg of beer emptied itself into the cellar. To hide this, she used flour she bought at a fair to dry it. Frederick was furious hearing this. Frederick had some gold, told his wife it was counters for games, and hid it in the house. Peddlars came by and Catherine offered them the counters. When Frederick found out, they set out in chase, and Catherine, falling behind, felt pity for the ruts in the road and smeared butter for their hurts. When a cheese rolled out of her pocket, she sent another to fetch it back, and then all the rest! Frederick sent her back to get food. She brought back dried pears, vinegar, and the door (to keep it secure). They were caught in a tree with robbers underneath. She had to let go of these things one by one: the thieves thought the pears were leaves, the vinegar dew, and the door the devil itself, which made them flee. They get their gold back in the morning and went home. And the story doesn’t ends here… "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" (or "The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes" or "The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces") is a German fairy tale originally published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. This king has twelve daughters but he can't for the life of him figure out why in the world their shoes are worn out every morning. He issues a challenge for someone to find this out and marry one of the daughters, but failure means death. A poor wounded soldier tells an old woman he might try his luck, and she turns out to have good advice: don't drink anything the princesses give him. She also gives him a cloak that makes him invisible. He goes to the castle, dribbles the sleeping draught down his chin, and pretends to sleep. Then he slips on the cloak and follows the princesses as they climb down a passageway to the underground and are met by twelve princes in twelve boats. They row to a palace and proceed to party all night. The soldier brings back souvenirs. He tells the king everything, and gets to marry the oldest sister. The Brothers Grimm, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859), were born in the German state of Hesse. They were universally known for the collection of over two hundred folk tales they made from oral sources and published in two volumes of 'Nursery and Household Tales' in 1812 and 1814. Although their intention was to preserve such material as part of German cultural and literary history, and their collection was first published with scholarly notes and no illustration, the tales soon came into the possession of young readers. This was in part due to Edgar Taylor, who made the first English translation of part of the tales in 1823. (Summary from Wikipedia and Shmoop, adapted by Sinkronigo)

eBook index:

  • Frederick and Catherine
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses

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