The Pink & The Wolf and the 7 Little Kids

by The Brothers Grimm
narrated by Chip B. & Kara Shallenberg
Language: English

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Number of pages: 25
Audiobook length: 0:17:50
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Collection: Sinkronigo learner
Age Group: Youth literature
Read aloud type: Word-by-word
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eBook description:

The Pink, The Carnation or The Pink Flower is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm in Grimm's Fairy Tales. A childless queen prayed for a child. An angel told her she would have a son with the power of wishing. She had such a son, and every day went with the child to a park where wild beasts were kept. There she washed herself in a stream. One day, a cook stole the child and stained the queen's clothing with hen's blood; then he accused the queen of having let the child be eaten. The queen was imprisoned in a tower to starve, but God sent angels to feed her. The cook, afraid of being caught, had the prince wish for a castle and a little girl as a companion; they lived there, but the cook grew afraid that the boy would wish for his father, and told the girl, who had grown to a maiden, that she must murder the boy and cut out his heart and tongue. She killed a hind and cut out its heart and tongue; then she had the boy hide in the bed. The cook asked about the murder, and the boy got out of the bed and turned him into a poodle. The boy wished to go home. The girl was frightened at the thought of the journey, so the boy turned her into a pink (or carnation) and went home, with the poodle running after. He went to his mother, who at first took him for the angels who fed her; he assured her he would free her. Then he worked as a huntsman for his own father. He hunted so much game that the king insisted that the huntsman sit by him at the feast. When the boy asked for the queen The king told the story. The boy told him the truth. He changed the cook back into his own shape, and the king had him executed; he changed the pink back into the maiden, and because she had brought him up so tenderly and refused to murder him, the king sanctioned their marriage. The queen was freed, but refused to eat, because God, having supported her, would now deliver her. She died three days later, and the king died of grief, but the prince married the maiden and they ruled the kingdom together. The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids or The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats is a fable collected by the Brothers Grimm an has a strong resemblance to The Three Little Pigs. A mother goat has seven kids. She goes to the forest, and warns the kids to keep an eye out for the wolf, who can be recognized by his black feet and rough voice. The wolf comes knocking and disguises his feet and voice. The kids all scramble to hide, but he finds and gobbles up all but the youngest. Mama goat returns and is distraught to only find the youngest at home. They locate the wolf snoozing, and suspect that the other kids are still alive in his belly. The wolf is sleeping so deeply they cut open his belly, and out leap the kids, all safe and sound. They stitch stones into the wolf's belly, and he drowns when he goes to take a drink in the well. The Brothers Grimm, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859), were born in the German state of Hesse. They were universally known for the collection of over two hundred folk tales they made from oral sources and published in two volumes of 'Nursery and Household Tales' in 1812 and 1814. Although their intention was to preserve such material as part of German cultural and literary history, and their collection was first published with scholarly notes and no illustration, the tales soon came into the possession of young readers. This was in part due to Edgar Taylor, who made the first English translation of part of the tales in 1823. (Summary from Wikipedia and Shmoop, adapted by Sinkronigo)

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  • The Pink
  • The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

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